I wish someone would have told me that!

That’s something I’ve had clients tell me a lot over the years. As a Certified Public Accountant, I’ve seen it all, and I have learned one thing over and over again from my clients: Small and medium sized business owners are looking for accounting and financial expertise beyond bookkeeping and tax preparation. Many tax preparers offer these services, but it’s usually too costly, or the tax preparers aren’t aware of current trends. On top of that, it’s usually too costly, and too difficult to hire a CFO or Controller, so many businesses choose to go without any help.

That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to become your trusted adviser. We want to help you get your books in order, prepare your tax return, and answer pressing questions such as:

Why do my sales go up, but I have less money every month?

Should I buy or lease this equipment?

What can I do to prevent Employee theft?

..and we also want to help you answer questions you didn’t even know you had:

What days are my lowest sales days and what can I do to increase sales on these days?

How much more money did I make because I bought a new piece of equipment?

How has my client base changed since I started business?

But we’re not just focused on helping established businesses. We can help if you have questions about starting your own company. We’re more than a tax return.