I’m Michael Evans, CPA. I have been a Certified Public Accountant for 5 years, and preparing tax returns professionally for 9 years. Six of those years were for a local firm specializing in small to medium sized business in the textile industry. Over the years I have prepared tax returns for individuals, and businesses with incomes of $1,500 to $15 million dollars.

I have also been involved in tax resolution (tax audits, tax settlements and dealing with tax notices) over the past 9 years. If it’s in the accounting field, chances are that I have done it sometime in the past 15 years.

I started this practice for a simple reason: I want to give individuals, and small to medium sized businesses better help than they get in traditional firms. Many firms offer services beyond the straightforward business of tax preparation, but these services are only offered to the biggest clients, or they are like secret menu items where you have to know exactly what you want before you request it.

This is different. My services are available to all of my clients, and at reasonable prices. I want you to feel that you can come to me with your questions without being hit by surprise fees. You’re never on your own when you’re with Evans Consulting Services.

In addition to a degree in Business, I also have a degree in Computer Information Systems. I’ve used the majority of accounting software packages available to small to medium sized businesses, and I am familiar with almost all of the solutions out there for most businesses. I’m a techie by nature, and I’m always up to date on the latest innovations related to accounting. I am QuickBooks Online Certified, and have designed and implemented remote access solutions for my clients to allow them to work away from the office so they can generate more money for their businesses.

My goal isn’t just to be someone you talk to once a year to have your taxes done. My goal is to be someone you can trust to give you sound financial advice to help your business prosper.