More than a 1040…

Service should extend beyond handing you a copy of your tax return and wishing you a good year. Whether you are an employee with a few deductions, or self-employed with a schedule C, and dozens of deductions, you should be able to ask your tax preparer a question any time of the year. After all, taxes happen throughout the year, and you should be able to get help when you need it.



Taxes and Business Planning

In addition to offering preparation of C/S Corporation tax returns (1120/1120S), as well as Partnerships, LLC’s, and LLP’s (1065), I can help your business plan for future growth and employ tax strategies to ensure that you always have money available to do important things like hiring new employees, purchasing inventory, and buying equipment.


Tax Resolution Services

We Can Help You Get Back on Track

Are you an individual or business owner with unfiled tax returns, unpaid taxes, or both? Call to discuss your options, and I will create a custom plan to get you back on the right track. I will prepare your past due tax returns and work with the IRS, State, or other tax authorities to create a payment plan to pay your back taxes and you can rest easy.