Because you didn’t train to be an accountant…

Whether you’ve just started your career, or you are looking to sell your practice and head to early retirement, the facts remain the same. You went to school/training to help people in your own unique way, not be an accountant.

Our Accounting for Professionals program is aimed specifically at busy professionals who would rather spend their time helping people instead of taking care of the back office.

If you’re a new and emerging professional in your field, our accounting assistance will help you plan for the future. Questions such as “How much should I charge?” “How much should I pay for an office?”, and “What kind of equipment should I buy?” become much easier with our help to make sense of the numbers.

If you’re an established professional, we can help you focus on your clients and make the long term moves that are necessary to maintain and grow your practice. Do your clients come more often at certain times of day? month? year? We can help you adjust to seasonality and manage your cash flows better for the highs and lows of your business cycle.

How does our program work?

If you are looking to start a business, we will help you determine pricing, come up with a monthly budget, help you select the best business type (C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, etc) and walk you through the process of setting your business up.

Once your business has started, make your deposits, spend your money…we take care of the rest. We will provide you monthly financial statements, and help you make sense of the numbers. With that information we will help you evaluate your past performance, and strategize for the future.

We will also help you prepare annual 1099-Misc forms for the IRS, as well as Sales/Use Tax Returns, and local business taxes, depending on your location.

You make the choices, we measure the results.

With our service, you are always fully in control of every financial decision. This is your business. Run it the way you want.